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Early Access Club edition out! + Version 0.4 Released!

Posted by gatod - March 31st, 2021

Let's get the big announcement out of the way first! Starting from today, you can get the Early Access Club of RetroShooti on Steam and also on itch.io, including the never-seen-before Act II of the game, with the next two acts that complete the game coming soon this year and onward!

By this point, you can start to expect regular upcoming updates for the game, including new content and game modes, but remember that the game is just out as early access, so please be patient! Just as you've seen this game grow in content and polish during it's three previous major versions, from a very rough prototype into a slightly more finalized game, you can expect the same amount of progress in future versions of the game. Please keep an eye out for new gimmicks, new gags, a lot more power-ups and all sorts of changes to the gameplay and even more along the way. We promise this is only the start of our RetroShooti odyssey!

RetroShooti, Vol. I

Featuring music created by Lucca for Acts I and II, plus other selections from the main game, you can buy the first 12 songs from this video game soundtrack series on Bandcamp right now! Volume II will be released as soon as Act IV of the game is out!

We added mouse support! We wanted to implement this as an input device from the beginning, and now it's finally at a stage where it plays and fits really well with the entire game, including menus, general gameplay and ssuch. Now we just hope you can test it out and leave your feedback on it to help us perfect it in the future. Just click in the game to enable the mouse, and you can configure it on the Controls sub-menu within the game's Settings.

Speaking of the Early Access Club version, in this edition you will also get Profiles support. Profiles are like player-based configuration settings that let you create different keyboard and gamepad bindings, and general gameplay customizations for each player, which the game will remember so that the next time you play with friends or alone, you can just load the profiles up and get right into enjoying the game! Hell, just using profiles you can set up the most uncomfortable but minimalist 4-player game of RetroShooti with just a mouse and one single keyboard! It's not gonna be pleasant experience and we wouldn't even wish it upon our enemies, but with Profiles it can be done right in the game, no additional software needed!

Other minor fixes and tweaking have been made both over and under the hood, and even though we're sure the remaining acts and future development will require us to work as harder as we've had to work on the game so far, at this point the game is stable enough to be played and enjoyed in what's pretty much as close as a definitive edition we might ever get, without having to worry about technical issues or bugs in the future. Or so we hope… so please don't forget to leave your feedback on the comments, the Steam forums and on itch.io!

Thank you for taking time to read through this announcement! Have fun ミ☆

-dcat & kid marscat


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